Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to questions that we are asked often at The B.A.R Hair Studio.

There are also some great tips on how to prepare for your visit!


Does The B.A.R accept credit/debit cards?


Yes. The B.A.R hair studio accepts debit and credit cards with the VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMEX logo. We also accept cash. We DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS.


Are children allowed?


While we do service children 5 years and older here at the B.A.R. hair studio. Children that are NOT being serviced are NOT ALLOWED. This policy is just a step taken to uphold the integrity of a peaceful and timely environment.


Should I Wash My Hair Before I Arrive?


Most services such as (Haircuts, Sew in extensions, Blow dry& Thermal Style, Braids ect.) all come with a shampoo and conditioner treatment. The only time your hair wouldn't be washed here at The B.A.R would be if you are ONLY scheduled for a styling service or if you require a special multi step shampooing system.


Do I need to take my current style down?


"Take Downs" are an additional charge starting at $25. Price varies depending on the style being taken down and timing it takes to remove previous styles. I will consult with you prior to starting the service to ensure everyone is on the same page. Clients taking down a style and replacing it with a style of equal or greater value will recieve a complimentary take down. (i.e. Taking down a Full Sew in and Replacing it with a Full Sew in, take down would be free!)


Are pets allowed in salon?


Due to the space and my allergies I ask that NO pets come with you to your appointment. Even if the appointment is for a short amount of time. Any client that brings a pet even if the pet is a service pet will be asked to reschedule. I am highly allergic to dogs and cats.